Borkener Kistenfabrik specialises in packaging made from wood and steel. The core of our work entails producing these products and offering services connected with these. We place special importance on meeting specific customer requirements in terms of the production of drums for cables, ropes and bands, as well as boxes, crates, pallets, heavy goods packaging and other products. We use state-of-the-art production systems to continue developing the high quality of work that we have been producing for decades, while at the same time taking into account important environmental factors.


Borki GmbH was founded in 1948. Located on a site covering 20,000 m2, our production areas for the manufacture of wood and steel packaging total more than 6,000 m2.
There are generous storage areas housing all of the necessary raw materials, allowing us to produce and deliver products in just a short time.

Quality management

We apply particularly high quality standards not just in the production process itself, but also in selecting the raw materials that we use for production.
Borki works first and foremost with certified suppliers. Quality assurance is carried out in accordance with the DIN ISO 9001: 2015 handbook. We insist on the best possible material properties and environmental sustainability. In order to ensure the quality of our products and to continue to develop this, we have introduced a quality management system based on DIN, which is being consistently implemented.

The environment

Borkener Kistenfabrik works with suppliers who are committed to using only wood from sustainable forestry. (Borkener Kistenfabrik GmbH has participated in the PEFC Chain of Custody monitoring system since July 2012).
We have reduced the amount of waste wood to a minimum, partly through re-use. When investing in our production plants, we place just as much importance on environmental aspects as we do on technical considerations.


Borki is a member of the following organizations:

- HPE – Bundesverband Holzpackmittel, Paletten, Exportverpackung e.V.

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