We at Borki have been specialists in wooden and steel packaging ever since 1948. Our entire focus is on the manufacture of such products and on providing the services that go hand in hand with them.

We attach huge importance to fulfilling the individual needs and wishes of our customers in all aspects connected with cable, rope and belt drums, crates, pallets and winders.

Our range of cable and rope drums covers diameters from 300 mm to larger than 10,000 mm. Depending on the loads and stresses they have to withstand, we can supply drums made of wood, plywood/OSB or steel.

Our products are put to use in a wide variety of industries: installation and power cables for the shipbuilding and offshore sector, as well as steel ropes for elevators, cranes, funiculars, bridge building, drilling platforms, mining and automotive.

Time, speed and flexibility play a crucial role no matter how small or large the order. Among our customers are general contractors for offshore wind farms, shipping companies that supply and salvage offshore rigs, and energy and IT companies.