Exceptional craftsmanship

Tailor-made production

In addition to the usual standard dimensions, all of our products are also available as tailor-made special designs, suitable for all possible areas of application. Let us know your needs and your wishes, and benefit from our skills, quality and experience.

Packaging service

Our packaging provides the necessary protection to ensure that your valuable goods reach their destination intact. If you wish, we can package your products to professional standards, and take charge of storage, transportation and logistics – both in- and outside Germany.

Further utilisation

As a member of the VHP (Organisation for the Recycling of Wooden Packaging and Pallets), we recycle or dispose of your used wooden drums and transport packaging according to environmental principles, in compliance with current German packaging regulations. This ensures that we fulfil the need for a low-waste product design, particularly when compared to plastic products.


We can manufacture welded steel structures of all kinds, based on your individual drawings. Our decades of experience in this craft and our state-of-the-art technology play an essential role in the production process, allowing a particularly high level of quality to be achieved. Please contact us to discuss what steel product you require.

Certified Standards

What makes Borki stand out from the crowd isn’t just the high quality of the work we do, but also the high quality of the raw materials we choose to work with, sourced from certified suppliers. Our quality assurance regime adheres strictly to the provisions of ISO 9002:2015. Sustainability is another issue that we at Borki attribute special importance to, which is why we guarantee our customers that we source our wood exclusively from PEFC-certified suppliers. You can download the relevant certificates here.

PEFC-Zertifikat der HW-Zert / Holz und Wald Zertifizierungsgesellschaft

ISPM15-Certificate vom Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz NRW

Quality Mangement DNV - DIN ISO 9001:2015